Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Recycled Sari Silk

Over a week without a post ... Okay, so Joseph's Skein was worth a lot of posts, I think:)

But I didn't stop spinning... In fact, last Wednesday I was able to make it to Grandma's! I love hanging out with the other fiber fanatics... I was wandering around the store, wondering what to spin for the night, and I saw Grandma's stash of recycled sari silk, and jumped at the chance to try spinning something new!

After spinning wool and cotton and milk fiber, spindle spinning recycled sari silk wasn't difficult at all. It was actually a lot of fun, seeing the different kinds of fiber come together to make a continuous strand ... I bought an ounce of it, and almost had it all spun up by the end of the evening at Grandma's.

I two-plied it, and am now in the process of free-form crocheting it into, I think, a scarflette:) Something showy; not for warmth.

On my plate:

A tussah silk hanky ... trickier to draw out and spin, but I'm working on it...

And weaving up a little bit of Joseph's Skein for the spin along weaving project on Ravelry:)

More later!


  1. I love the recycled sari silk yarn!!

  2. I love recycled sari silk! It always turns out so beautifully. You must be a very good spinner to be able to spin it!