Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I've Changed My Spinning Mind...

So last week I said that February and March were all about spinning cotton in anticipation for my cotton-dyeing class coming up in April...

Well, just as I said that, I changed my spinning mind.

What happened? I started my Etsy yarn shop, and then I got curious and started searching through other Etsy yarn shops for some inspiration for my own ... and what did I find?

Well, mostly better photography. But in addition to that, I found some art yarns that were quite interesting, and selection... So how can I improve my selection? SPIN!

Turns out I have quite a stash of merino wool piled up in my craft room, and so I've decided to take a break from the cotton (since I have quite a stash of sample cotton yarns to work with for next month), and diversify my Etsy offerings while keeping the Etsy yarns colorful.

So this weekend past, I spun up the blue and green yarn above ... this is the first time I've intentionally spun a yarn thick and thin (although I have intentionally not minded spinning thick and thin before). Actually, I spun the green as a thick and thin single, and the blue as a fairly consistent fine single, and then I plied them together for a neat effect.

And today I started spinning a variegated roving that's mainly pinks, but with reds and oranges and greens and blues ... and plan to ply that with a variegated roving that's mainly green, but with reds and pinks and blues and browns.

So that's what's on my spirited spindle this week ... what have you been spinning lately?

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