Sunday, February 20, 2011

Welcome to my new blog!

Hello everyone. My name is Tonya, and I'm addicted to fiber crafts.

I started thinking about spinning over the summer of 2010, and finally made myself a few spindles and bought some fiber in September.

Living in the heat of Tucson, before even having touched a spindle I decided cotton was probably the most logical fiber choice for me. And now, having spun a few different blends, I have returned to cotton a more adept spindle spinner. I'm still using the spindles I make myself, and have developed my own methods and styles.

At first my hubby teased me that I hadn't made anything with the yarn I was spinning; but that has all changed, now that I have turned out a weaving (I use a backstrap loom), and a knitting project (for which I learned to knit), so take that babe!

But, I must admit, I LOVE to spin more than anything else, and so I've decided to blog as part of a potential side-business of spinning.

Since I'm going to be spinning (and dyeing, soon enough) anyway, I might as well be doing it for beautiful projects that, since I'm spinning so much, I don't have time to make myself.

Before I get ahead of myself, though, welcome to my new blog, and I hope to offer you something interesting here. If you want to talk spinning, let me know!

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